Spring Has Sprung!



I would like to announce the wonderful arrival of spring time weather in Iowa but that happened weeks ago. Our Iowa February has reminded us all that Mother Nature is still the boss.

With the early warm temperatures came an early rush of real estate transactions. I typically tell my clients that when Spring Break ends for my family, it is like someone flips a switch with Iowa home shoppers. I still believe that to be true with regards to many buyers and sellers but I also know the sunny weekends we have had has prompted a few early shoppers to take advantage of the opportunity to avoid the crowds.

I have a handful of home sellers who have been waiting for late March to list their home. I am certain I will get a few more who will be anxious to test this crazy sellers market we are about to experience. The inventory is small and Des Moines just keeps on growing and growing. If you ever thought about selling, right now is your sweet spot.

If you are looking to purchase a home right now remember that interest rates are still low and new construction is happening all around the city. You and I will have better weather and make great company as we search to find you your dream home.

As for me and my crew, we too have been out and about looking for a new place to call home. My skater legs want less stairs and more swimming pool and the kids will not argue with that idea. Cass is finishing up her nursing school and we are so proud of her for managing to stay at the top of her class while still having to coddle us 6 children (yes, I admit to getting coddled and being one of the children). Gabbi is planning her summer wedding while joining the rest of us working folks as a licensed nurse herself. Rachel is out of the country writing about her fun adventures and keeping me up all night worrying. Antony is ending his Freshman year at the University of Iowa where he is having the time of his life. Fortunately, we still have two peanuts at home who keep us busy. Ella is just starting her soccer season as a sophomore for the Waukee Warriors and Sofia is in eighth grade kicking the soccer ball for the West Des Moines Alliance. Both of them are super sweet, funny and full of energy which keeps Cass and I chasing them.

As fate would have it, this months special gift to you comes from very close to my heart. We are giving you a special companion ticket to go skating at Skate West. You know we love to skate so I am sending some of that love to you.

Remember if you know ANYONE that is talking about or interested in buying or selling their home, please give them my name and contact information. I will take great care of them and be ever so thankful for you trusting me with your friends.



Tony Muse