As a life long resident of Des Moines, I can truly say Iowa is a great place to live. I grew up in a home connected to a roller skating rink as my parents wanted to keep me close to them while they worked (family business). Those years were amazing as I was able to meet thousands of families who came in and out of the rink enjoying the fun and quality times. My time in the skating rink also provided me some athletic skills as well, when I became old enough, I  began traveling the world as a member of Team USA and eventually I became a world champion speed skater. Although I traveled the planet, my heart has always been in Des Moines. Today my wife and I raise five kids in West Des Moines, the same city as my skating rink home. When my international career slowed down, I wanted to pair my love for people with my love for Des Moines. Enter Real Estate where for the past 15 years I have been helping people come to know the joy of Iowa living. As an athlete, every day was about finding the passion to get up and put the time and focus in that I needed to in order to be the best. I find the same is true in Real Estate as now every day my passion is about helping people achieve the dream of home ownership. Give me a call today with any real estate questions, concerns or idea you may have.